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Looking for a health insurance in Bangkok

Hello, I’m looking for a health insurance in Thailand. I’m living in BKK. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you.

@eddy We've been satisfied with BUPA insurance as Expats. It is affordable but does have exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

I was also unhappy with Cigna because they referred me to a facility in Malaysia and then did not pay, said I was not covered after the appointment (but beforehand they said I was...). I just got GeoBlue and it seems to be working out okay, I just had my first appointment at Bumrungrad and didn't pay anything. As you know, some credit cards offer travel insurance, however, you're right to get a comprehensive policy for expats. Be careful to read the small print.

Of course you get what you pay for but there are two points. Firstly most on here seem to assume that it's not they that will pay. Secondly, really an extension of the same issue, there's a willingness to pay for cover that isn't even wanted - or is that an ignorance of what you really are buying? You are also hiding the fact that you can buy insurance from multiple Thai companies, activate all against the same claim or leave some unused on that occasion, and the cost is likely to still be less than the one expat policy - depending on age, etc, likely way less.

It's all fine and dandy until you have a serious medical issue and you go to the hospital to get treatment. I have BUPA Thailand provided by my employer. I had severely herniated discs that required surgery.

I was hospitalized for a week to get physical therapy 2x/day. My bill was 85,000 after 7 days. BUPA Thailand said "You must pay yourself first because we need to investigate if your condition is pre-existing."

I told them I had never had this problem before. Their answer was "It can take up to 90 days for our investigation."

I had to cough up 85,000 and get my ass home despite still being in pain because I couldn't afford to stay another day.

End result: They found no evidence of pre-existing condition. They didn't even notify me. I had to call to ask what was up with the investigation.

That's a bad story. The trouble, I think, is you're buying into Western corporate ways. My hope is that Thai ways are somewhat more honourable. Japanese insurers, of course, tend toward a more honorable reputation - and I buy Japanese where I can - but I've not located that as relevant with health insurance.

BTW, 90 Days is 3 months more of that money earning for that company. You'll be surprised how many Western companies make their money through treasury operations, rather than the actual sale - travel agency/tour operation being the classic example, where your money can be used for up to a year, before payment is even required for the service you bought, then they stall on paying for another 3 months!

Be Careful of Expat Health Insurance, Especially Cigna. I am a lawyer who has sued, successfully, many insurance companies.

I know what games they play with coverage. When I purchased my coverage with Cigna, I asked some very specific and important questions of the salesperson.

He made certain clear promises. When I got the 100 page policy, I checked to see if he was truthful. He was not. These were major problems. When I e-mailed him and said that his statements contradicted the 100 page policy that no one can read, he replied ":we expect everyone to read the policy." I did not cancel right away.

But I have had problem after problem with them.

Six months ago I repeatedly called an e-mailed them to cancel my policy.

They are still deducting premiums from my bank account, even though I verbally and in writing, on multiple occasions, revoked their authority to do this.

Their insurance is more or less worthless to me.