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Health Insurance for Retired Over 60's in Thailand ?

My wife and I (63 american, 66 german) would like to retire in Thailand and are searching for a comprehensive health insurance plan(in+outpatient). Therefore, we would like to have more information about health insurance plans. What is the oldest age offered insurance?

I want to know the current premium for a 75 and 85 year old person and to know whether we can afford the insurance at those ages. This information is important to be able to determine if we want this insurance.

Are preexinting medical conditions covered by the health insurance plan if you are covered by another insurance?

Is the plan lifetime renewable? Is the plan renewal guaranteed? Best regards, Guillermo

When you first join a health insurance in Thailand you are asked to fill out a few questions.

Anything pre existing will not be covered if they accept you.

There are a few companies who will accept people over 60 but i doubt if it will be cheap.

One thing is for sure you do need health insurance here.